Genetics Consultation

  • Advice on Genetics for Climate/Microclimate

  • Yield & Marketability (Value Optimization) through Genetic Selection - Make your outdoor look like indoor!

Increase Marketability via Terravida Methods

  • Water Starved

  • Shade Finished

  • Living Soil

  • Beyond Organic

    • Organic inputs are often sourced in unsustainable ways. We think beyond that and create sustainable inputs in “Closed Loop Systems” onsite, saving your money and our environment at the same time.

Farm Partnership Consultation

  • Processing

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution

Greenhouse Consultation

  • Layout, Design, Materials, Manufacturer, Placement, Efficiency is Key

Calendar of “Vital” Dates for Outdoor and Greenhouse

  • Vital Planning for Timely Ordering of Materials and Executing Plantings/Harvest Etc.

  • Best Use of Natural Spectrum for Energy Efficiency/Cost Savings

Re-use of Soil for Massive Yearly Savings

  • Throwing away potting soil isn’t just expensive, it’s also unsustainable, and constantly bringing in new pathogens on site. Add up your yearly soil bill today to see what you could be saving today.

Drastically Reduce Fertilizer and Medium Cost

  • Work Towards Closing the Loop

  • Amending and Use of Microbiology/Tea Recipes to Cut Use of Bottled Nutrients

  • Improvement of Plant Health/Immunity to Pests and IPM for Reduced Pesticide Application

  • Closed Loop System Creation (Biomass Gardens and Composting Protocols)

Reduce Labor

  • Reduce “Feeding” Time

  • Reduce Defoliate Time and Raise Yield for Ancillary “Bonus” Products

  • Efficiency Protocols for Repeated Tasks, SOP’s

Materials “Goldilocks Approach” (Finding What’s Just Right)

  • Experience Based Knowledge of Materials Available

  • Weighing Cost Pros/Cons of Short Term vs. Long Term Use (Realistic Lifespan)

Consultation of Site Construction to Avoid Costly Pitfalls 

  • Avoid Catastrophic Site or Infrastructure Failure

  • Advice on Various Light Deprivation Systems

  • Options/Pros and Cons